Monday, September 28, 2009


It's 5770 - Happy New Year!

I was going to wait till the the other new year 2010 to try blogging exclusively on my new site. But I going for it now.

Check us out at:

(thanks to my brother Charlie for all the design work! I'd be lost without his help.)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Photo Fun

Some pictures from the past 5 months that are fun. I have more that I like, but now I'm starting to get stressed out about grad school!!!!

11 Months

He likes to chew it chew it!!!

Sweet Eli turned 11 months this past week. He still has the most mellow disposition which is so calm 90% of the time. He can take a toy and just play. It's nice.

11 month highlights -

- eating only table food. He's done with jarred baby food, it's boring and tasteless. He eats way too much off the floor.

-taking an interest in the baby walker, just the weekend, after a visit with at his cousin Mave's and playing with his walker.

-saying "mama" finally! But still don't think he knows that is me. I do think he knows what a "baba" is, his bottle.

-crawling on all fours and moved on from the military crawl.

-pulling all toys off of shelves.

-drinking whole milk.

-went to the beach for the first time, did not getting in the water because it was raining.

One more month till the big dual party with his cousin Mave - should be the blowout extravaganza of the year!!!! Tractor tipping here we come!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pronoun Confusion

"I'm a boy!!! I don't have a ponytail!"

When Kyle asked Noah if he was a she because he was using the pronoun when referring to himself.

Just his world of how boys and girls are different.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good Meal

We had a good meal last week when Mariana, Jesse, and Maverick. I have been on the lookout recently for good family style menus.

The meal was:
-chile/lime marinated chicken from Central Market
-Green Goddess rice (w/o the basil)
-Ina's garlic cibatta bread from Back to the Basics cookbook.
-lots of fresh fruit.

The recipes were slightly altered with a few ingredients left out just because they didn't seem necessary or we didn't have them. It was easy, yet might tasty. That one's a keeper.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alter Egos

(Just another day at our crib)
He is Thomas the tender engine ice cream man. His alter ego is a train that sells ice cream in between the fold of his chalk/magnet board. The ice cream flavors come in broccoli, sometime broccoli mint, often the ice cream store is out of chocolate....bummer!!!

I finished The Help. Excellent read! I read like a mad woman, mostly to meet my book club deadline. I think I missed number. This is actually my 19th book. I have joined many Goodreads online book clubs, plus I'm keeping up my out for local face to face book clubs.

Now, what will we do with both boys home for a week. Time to think of some fun things to do....

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Apps for everything

I found a New Year's countdown app for my phone. There are 147 days until 2010, I got this blog challenging under wraps. Maybe my new blog will be ready and I can start a 2010 challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I just finished my 19th book of this year People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks. I gave it four stars, it lost a star for some cheesy dialog. It was an interesting take on the Jewish persecution in relation to a historical written work. I was inspired to read more Jewish history, so when I have time I'll research that. My book challenge is to read 50 books this year. The year is half done, but I'm not half read. Time to read some young adult books to beef up my list and make me self look more read.

3 year old have strange logic (um-no logic). Today Noah said, "When I yawn, it just means I'm thirsty." I tried to inform him that it means he is TIRED!!!!! No such luck. Just thristy. Oh and he heard Kyle say crook, and now he keeps asking "Am I crook?" or "Are crooks giants?" or after throwing his shirt "Was that a crook?"

Word of the day: crook (pee-wee scream AAAHHHHH!!!!!)

Carry on...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More posting

(Chomp! I need to figure out my photo situation)
I'm trying to start some competition in myself to write more than my best year of post, which was 67 in 2006. I think... So I just have to post for about hmmm...67-21...what's that - 46 more days. How many days are left in this year? A problem to solve.

I need to find a way to get my photos into the computer. I've been using my iphone mostly. I'm not sure where our digital is, will have to find that.

We went to cruise night with the kids tonight. It was a tour through Noah's camp day, scrunched into about 30 mins, which was chaotic. Kids, parents, swimming, singing, dancing, coloring, decorating cookies - I wish I could go to camp!!!!

This is a busy week! Lots of evening plans, and my finals due this weekend and next Tuesday. It'll work itself out.

Thought it was cute: This morning one of Noah's friends walks up and asks "Will you be my friend today?" Noah looks around, hesitates, thinking about it, "Not today." The kid wasn't fazed, he kept insisting they were going to be friends all day. Ah kids! There interactions are so intriguing.

Listening to Pandora. My Paul Simon channel plays Jack Johnson. I like my Paul Simon channel.