Saturday, December 02, 2006

Apron Swap

I received my beautiful apron today. I might have received it yesterday, but we were running here and there, so I did not check the mailbox.
It is everything I imagined it could be. Sarah drew me - she is one of the hostesses of the apron swap. She's got some skills. My apron sparkles, is blue, and has the neat snowflakes sewn in which make a happy tinkling sound. I also received a bag of gelt and homemade tea. Thanks Sarah!

I drew Melissa. This was my first apron to make. Rather than go with something simple - I decided to make a reversible apron. The pockets really tripped me up on the red side. I have learned and know better what to do for next time. I sent a bunch of goodies to Melissa - cookies, hot cocoa, a holiday coffee cup, some candle holders and candles, a toy for her doggie, pot holder, and dish towel. I think that was it. I went with a santa theme.
Can't wait for the next apron swap. This was fun. Maybe I should go into the professional package making business.

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MiMi said...

Great Job My Girl! Can I join in the Apron Swap? Sounds like fun! One always needs a hobby like that to distract themselves from the daily routine of life. You know me. I love artsie stuff. I should have started a business like that a long time ago when I was doing things for your school. Keep it up. We are doing well. Going to a wedding today at 2:30. A teacher at daddy's school gets married today. Take care! I love you and xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo's to my little one. MiMi will see him REAL SOON!